Mês: junho 2017

In the past couple of years Spurs have really grown into a

I feel like I’m never going to fall in love again. That I’m never going to have another crush sex chair,or anything like that. I’m so gd damn empty. The government is doing its best to reverse many of these policies. Baby bonus incentives rise every few years (with some, but limited success). Immigration policy […]

According to the tag, they were designed in Miami but they

Extortion, yes. Fair, no. Can we say or do anything and not get our other clubs stolen out from under us? not as long as our Nazi commandant principal remains in her position! (notice that they’d have kept all the athletics, requiring physical labor albrecht macht frei, after all.). Ah!! That it! There was these […]

When the leaders of the Apollo program carefully thought

In the three decades that followed, ballet became established on American soil, with American and European artists collaborating. There are superb sculptures and photographs in “” that have no direct link to ballet. The exhibition suggests connections, opens windows, allows for possibilities.. There is also a black lack trim along the front edges of the […]

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